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The hot and humid climate in Hong Kong is suitable for termites to breed and their wood-eating habits can cause serious damage and erosion to wooden furniture and structures.
They can cause serious damage and erosion to wooden furniture and building structures, often resulting in high repair losses.


Behavior & Habits

Termites can be broadly classified as worker, soldier, swarmer and queen.


common location

Toilet kitchen door frame/moisture location/wooden floor



Termites prefer moist wood and cardboard, wood products, and wood furniture


damage and destruction

They multiply quickly and eat up a lot of furniture and building materials, damaging the structure and causing property damage.


mention you

Termites are different from other ants, so you should not spray insecticide on your own, as it will spread and aggravate the infestation.



Close windows in hot and humid weather/rainy days to prevent swarmer from nesting in the house; reduce the use of wooden building materials and furniture; carry out pest control before moving into a new house




Termite Signs

Brown mud road

Mud blocks or mud lines on walls, door frames or footings are actually mud paths made by their excrement, which are channels that can keep their body temperature and humidity.


Detached wings

The presence of shed wings of flying ants near the window sill indicates that the ants have entered the house and started breeding.

Wood expansion

Termites will travel through the interior of the wood and make mud paths with their excrement to make the wood swell.

Thin wood furniture and hollow sounding wood

Termites will erode the wood from the inside out, leaving only a thin wooden surface, and a hollow or thin sound will be heard when you knock on the wood.

Termite Sources

New Home Move-in

Wooden building materials or furniture brought in during the renovation.


During the breeding season, swarmer will fly into the house through the windows to breed.

Termites in the building

Termites in the building/neighborhood can use pesticides to speed up their breeding and escape to other neighbors.

Termite Control

Termite Elimination

The technician will locate the termite nest according to the termite paths and signs, and inject the termite bait at the appropriate location, the worker will carry the bait to the back of the termite. In addition, the specialist will also spray a termite barrier for your home to prevent further termite infestation.

Prevention of Termites

【New Home] Double Protection

Before renovation, we will spray a termite barrier between the building structure and the concrete slab to prevent termite infestation.After the renovation, we will do another preventive work to ensure that the termites are not hidden in the new building materials and wooden furniture.

Regular Maintenance

We provide annual maintenance service to protect the building from termite infestation and unnecessary property loss.

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